Friday, June 26, 2009

Road to Anchorage via Glen Allen

The trip from Valdez to Anchorage is 300 miles. It was a nice drive with a few frost heaves and construction that was about 5 miles. Then it was very slow and a pilot vehicle which is nice as far as I am concern. It slows down the traffic and only goes one way at a time.

We are now at Ft Richardson Army Base Black Spruce campground. We got the very last spot. It has FHU (30amp). The voltage is low but the Autoformer boots it up enough. While we were going thru security getting on base another RV came in behind us. He appeared to be in a hurry and was trying to rush thru ahead of us. Well, we left security and arrived at the campground. The lady checking us in asked if we were the ones that just called from the security gate. I said no he was behind us. She said he tried to reserve and there was only one sight left. Since there are no reservations we got it. That was a little uncalled for but such is life. It wasn’t meant to be for them. He has a SKP sticker on his RV with CA tags. Think I will go ask him about that club, ha, ha.. I heard their members are pretty good RVers normally. We went and got me a new military ID today (Friday). We had to cancel most of our credit & ATM cards also. Seems like my wallet disappeared somewhere between Skagway and Anchorage. I could have sworn I put it in my desk drawer where I almost always keep it. We went thru an unaccompanied Canadian Inspection leaving Skagway. The inspector was extra curious about my military career before the very thorough inspection without us watching (Canadian Law says it’s OK). No one else had been in our RV and it’s NEVER unlocked. We turned our RV upside down several times and even removed drawers and looked it all pockets of everything. It’s in that special place hopefully in our rig. No activity on the credit cards. My SSN and Golden Access Cards were in it also. My Passport, driver license, school credit card, money I keep on me. Oh well…. Maybe that’s why we got the last RV spot. We went to the commissary (military grocery store) and stocked up. Got the car washed. It’s having a hard time appearancewise. It’s been rough on it inside and out. We’re glad it’s 4 years old. I had to clean the RV tires again. The first time evidently only got the rough stuff off. I use that spray stuff. We got some tourist stuff to check on and will start that probably Monday. No WiFi at the rig due to trees. We have to drive over to the Starbucks (on base) twice a day. See Ya....
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