Monday, June 22, 2009

Dips and 3AM in Alaska

This is frost eves and they are pretty common in certain areas. We did 180 miles yesterday from Tok and over 100 mles the road was mostly like these photos. Usually about 35MPH was tops without clothes coming off the hnager. Our holding tanks are very washed out like a washing machine. The road surface itself was smooth for the most part. It was dips that would get you.

This is part the Tok Cutoff and the Richardson Hwy south to Valdez.

This is 3AM on a cloudy day in Alaska. The Alaska oil pipeline can just be made out behind the RV running to the right. Yes, I do get up early sometimes. No Carol did not proof today's blog.

We are about 72 miles north of Valdez. Valdez should be on the otherside of these mountains.
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