Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Day In Skagway

We finally met up (caught) Jerry & Earlene Bloomquist. We saw their rigs in Dawson Creek but they left before we knew it was them. Then we passed them later the next day, but wasn't sure it was them yet. Either that or they were trying to get away from us. Well, we cornered them in Skagway. Being they were right on the harbor, they couldn't run from us anymore. So we had them. We drove up and blocked their rig. Of course they came out and waved at us beforehand when we parked across from them with our Honda and they saw the advertising on the rear window. If we hadn't, they would have been gone 0700 the next morning putting their RV on a ferry to Haines. Anyhow, they are traveling with other friends and we might get to meet them in Tok next week. This is their first trip up north.

Here is big boat. There are two smaller boats on the other side. They usually stay for less than 18 hours.

The boat below was pretty big also. They had 4 boats in here today. When the people get off the boat little Skagway is crowded. Today we watched a Siberian Huskie just wondering around. That in itself was really not watchable. It was the fact that the tourists where taking movies and pictures from a distance of the dog. Now that was funny. I don't know if they that it was a wolf or a sled dog but it was funny how they were afraid to get any closer than 20 feet to it. It was just a dog running around peeing and sniffing and they were taking movies.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17th we leave for Whitehorse, Yukon. It's about 200 miles so we will be there between Wednesday afternoon and Friday. Is our schedule tight or what! It's been an adventure here for sure and many more to come. When we get WiFi we will update this blog and the datastorm location. See Ya..........................Posted by Picasa

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