Friday, June 19, 2009

Top Of the World Highway - BAD Don't Do It

Dawson City - this picture does it more justice than the actual ones do. The city is not much to speak of. We did a drive by and that could have been missed also.

The ferry ride in the RV across the Yukon was outstanding. Did not even have to unhook the Honda. It was really neat.

This was only about 20 miles in one of the worst road I have ever been on. I won't even show pics of the rig. It's that bad.

It should be called the Road from Hell. Over one hundred miles and five hours of driving. Speeds got up to 25 MPH at times. Usually it was 10 -15 miles an hour and even had to lock the trans in 1st gear. It was gravel, pot holes, mud holes, windy, up/down hills hairpen turns plus RV renters (a few) coming the opposite way. Why in the hell anyone would want to come this way knowing how bad the roads are is dumb. Me first! THESE ROADS FROM DAWSON CITY TO TOK SHOULD BE CLOSED TO ALL RVS. If you want to beat your rig up, test your driving skills on mountain dirt one lane road and see if your toad can follow - come on up here. I think I might have made myself clear on this TOP OF THE ROAD HIGHWAY - poo - poo for sure.

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