Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was an uneventful day. Carol told me last night that she would be cleaning today. This means I am to get out of the rig and stay out until she finishes. It’s like a Navy ship firing a warning shot over the bow of a pirate ship. I know from 38 years of marriage and now 9 years of full timing – stay out of her way when she’s cleaning or I am dead meat. If during this time anything flies out of the RV, I am to make a decision and it better be a right decision as what to do with it. Rugs I shake, rags I put away and garbage bags are to be taken to the trash can. These are unspoken words but the command is there. During this time of remaining outside I hand washed the RV and dried it also. Nice soft water here. Previously I have only been able to use a pressure wash. I shined my wheels again. She was not done with the RV yet so I took this excess time and brought out the whale (150-500) lens for my camera. I figured now was a good time to pratice holding and shooting which is very different with a large lens.

A friendly squirrel was my target. As you can see my very first photo of him was a pretty good one if I say so myself.

Then a transport plane was in the distance and I took the opportunity to shoot it. It was pretty hard to find it and I lost it A few minutes later it came back and I was ready and got it. Not bad for a rookie. I think I better be careful of taking pictures of airplanes around here. After all, I can see Russia out my porch. I think someone else said that.

Oh, saw a T-shirt the other day and it had a picture of Alaska on the front with a Texas map in the middle of the Alaska map. The caption was, “Isn’t it cute! “ I thought that was cute.


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