Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tok & down the road

Here is Tok, Alaska, the pivot point for roads going everywhere else. Folks this is it, not even a blinkie light or stop sign. You either continue straight to Fairbanks or hang a left towads Anchorage and points in between. It's a place to wash your vehicles, get fuel and maybe one or two meals. They have a couple of small RV repair shops. To say they are ma-pa type facilities would be an overstatement for sure. We like being in the wilderness and "hunting for animals" as we move along about 50-55 mph.

This is the Tok Cutoff route heading south from Tok towards Valdez. It will change names as we go south to Valdez. We are currently about 50 miles south, where we took a break for the view and to put up the datastorm.

As you can see the Datastorm appears to be shooting thru the hill I am standing on. It was just another nice stop.

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