Monday, December 5, 2016

Yep… I Really Hit It!

Last Sunday (27 Dec).  I worked on the camper front curtains around the windshield.  We had hook (eyelets) with loop attachments  (curtain thing) for the curtains but they were just not working very well.  Today we went to Lowes and got some magnets and 3M double sided stretch tape.  It’s the tape once it’s installed you pull on the tape like taffy and it comes off.  The “normal” double sided tape just don’t work long term.  This new tape just might.  One magnet (with tape) every few inches on the camper molding  above the seats and a magnet sewed in the liner of the curtains.  Works great.  Just need a little more tuning but we got it under control and itsDSC_0002DSC_0003 working.  Great. 

For dinner we had 11 bean soup and corn on the cobb (leftovers).  It was just getting good being a day old.  I had buffalo wings (leftovers) for lunch.

Monday.  Jon & Sue Glick returned home from their mini vacation to somewhere that I couldn’t pronounce and or remember.  They now have  a cat that comes and visits us ever so often.

I got two pork butts in the frig and are now thawed out.  I think I will smoke them both at the same time.   Then they will go into the freezer for a rainy day next year.  I also got a turkey I want to smoke.  It’s frozen like a rock.  I want to use it for our trip going West meals/sandwiches.  Looks like the mobile frig will be coming into the big RV frig pretty soon.

Tuesday.  Got the little Honda CT110 and tools ready to work on it tomorrow.  DSC_0012Mark is coming over to replace the clutch springs on the Honda.  I hand him the tools.  He said he really likes and wants to work on the little Honda.  It reminds him of his Honda he had many years ago he says.

Wednesday. Mark came over and worked on the little Honda 110 cc.  DSC_0013We (he) installed new clutch springs.  The Honda now idles (never did) and now starts on 1st kick all the time.

Thursday.  La Colonea Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  I had something new.  Can’t pronounce it or spell it but it was good and very filling.

Friday.  The big RV went to West RV for extended warrant repair.  The AC/heat pump went up a couple of weeks ago.  I was there about a half hour while they checked it out and took pictures.  They will deal with the extended warranty company, Cornerstone, and will let me know.  I left with the RV and went back to the lot. 

Cigar and Whiskey night for the guys at our place.  We smoked those big ole nasty cigars and drank whiskey.  We sat outside on the covered porch due to the rain.  We also had our usual campfire on the porch.  Yepper.  It was one of those old people LP fire pits.  It was a little chilly (coats required) but it was really nice.  We broke up about 10 PM.  The rain continued all night.  It’s gonna be a very wet weekend according to the hippy dippy weather people.

Saturday.  Breakfast at the Livingston downtown Whistle Stop Cafe.  It’s a nice little place to eat breakfast ever so often.  Then on to Walmart.  No traffic on the road or inside Walmart.  I bought Walmart brand DEF for diesels.  They just started having it.  Two & half gallons for $7.78 where normally it was $12 bucks for the normal stuff.  Wow, I bought all they had (4).  Oh yea, I bought a rubber ducky.  I’m gonna glue it and it’s two little ducky's on the back of the storage compartment of the camper.  We’re going camping next week, probably Padre Island, Texas.

Sunday.  Jim & Lisa Koca arrived back on their lot for a few days.  We went on to dinner at their special invite.  We went to Patron’s a nice Mexican restaurant.   Teresa Moore showed up and ate with us all.  It was great.  Thanks guys..

Monday morning I loaded the camper up with water, clothes and stuff.  I glued the little ducky's to the lid of the rear compartment.DSC_0015

Carol got back from Line Dancing and started to load stuff too.  We had lunch and took off camping finally.  Hitch itch to the max gonna be taken care of.

1st stop was the nearby gas station.  I ran into their overhang on the right side of their building with the camper.  YES I DID… DAMN…..  I was going very very slow.  You know what that means?  I got a longer scrape because it was slow.  Hey, what the hell.  I talked to the owner that happened to be there and saw me do it.  The building is going down in less than 2 months for a bigger station.  Here’s what I did…DSC_0016

We got to TTN Conroe RV Park in about 1 hour or so.  We found this sight that is pretty level and called it home.  DSC_0017Tomorrow I got an early Dr follow up appointment/meds/etc.  Then  we will head down to Padre Island (National Park area) for a few days.

See ya………………..