Friday, December 30, 2016

12 Miles Per Gallon–No FW

We left Sharon & Don’s about 11:00 AM head for Tucson about 40 miles away.  We got an appointment with La Mesa for a Winnebago recall on an engine filter part recall.  I don’t know why Winnebago is doing it vice Cummins the diesel manufacture doing it.  I guess its Winnebago parts just before the big expensive Cummins air filter. 

Anyhow I found on Gas Buddy a gas station that had diesel for $2.35 a gallon.  It’s located about 2 miles off the Interstate near Tucson.  I went for it.  I had to do several special turn arounds and go into a back of a shopping center to get to it but I did.   I was like a dog smelling a fire hydrant.  I got in and to the pump.  I filled that baby up again.  Diesel is running about $2.65 and up around Tucson. 

We arrived at La Mesa Tucson about a half hour early.  The service department jumped on us like a salesman seeing a newbie.  They gave us coupons for their lunch and took the RV.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda for free.  I went around back to the service area and saw the guy working on our rig.  He had a bunch of water (gal+) coming out of the air filter system on the bottom.  I was friggin amazed how much water came out.  Our clean air entry to the air filter starts near the top edge of the side rear of the rig.  Pretty normal.  I guess the water couldn’t escape like it’s suppose to down near the bottom.  It can now for sure.

We are on our way.  My fuel indicators were reading near 12 mpg.  Now that ain’t true for sure.  Later my fuel tank gauge said I was not using very much fuel either.  Hmmmmm.  I might be getting near 9 mpg.  That’s a lot better than 6-7 mpg it got so far coming out here.  Time will tell.

Many years we’ve gone by Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch outside of Tucson.  Every time we would say someday we would stop.  Today wasn’t it either.  Just kidding.  We stopped.  It was $13 bucks each and you got a big cup of food, some nectar and seed sticks.  Here are some pics…

Looks like a girl I use to know.  She probably really looks like this now.DSC_0013DSC_0007DSC_0051DSC_0004DSC_0009DSC_0010DSC_0019DSC_0022DSC_0023DSC_0030

These guys actually took the lid off a 1 oz cupDSC_0033DSC_0034DSC_0036DSC_0041DSC_0044DSC_0046

I think we both enjoyed the Lorikeets the most.  It was fun. 

Then back on the road and not real sure where we are spending the night.  We are headed towards Frank & Marlene’s down in Ajo.DSC_0055

We made it to Gila Bend within 40 miles of Ajo but I decided I wasn’t gonna go any further, I was tired.  We stopped at a lot next to a pizza place that we have stayed at before.  I forgot about it until I saw it.  It was a done deal.  Hey pizza tonight.  We did have a problem.  The friggin sat dish stopped working and stuck in the up position.  It actually said the motor was broke.  Well, I was too tired to go up on the roof and check it out plus the pizza was hot.  We watch a dumb movie and called it a night.  It was very quiet and it even rained some.

Retirement is doing the things that you said you would do some day when you retired.

See ya..