Monday, December 12, 2016

Count Down Is Really Happening Quick

Friday.  We got a lot to do but not sure what to do first.  I made a list and checked it twice.  I do that without it being Christmas time.  I got to take care of the camper like getting the gas tank filled, putting stabilizer fuel additive in it, empty ALL the tanks.edn

Took the big RV to the repair shop to get it started on it’s repairs, AC and awning arm.  It’s all covered on our extended warranty 100% except the shipping $200.  Latr that day they told me they couldn’t get the AC for 3-4 weeks maybe.  Stop…..we will be gone.  They understood.

Saturday I emailed RV Lifestyles in Quartzsite.   Yes they would take over the repair work and I have to send them the paperwork to make sure since it’s an extended warranty company (Cornerstone).  I will pick up the paperwork Monday and send it out to them. 

Sunday I slept most of the day away for some unknown reason.  I guess that’s why my doc is trying to figure it out.  No results from the blood test yet.

I did get information out to the 2017 Loosey Goosey Alaska members.  We got 18 rigs I think so far.  It’s going to be interesting.  Like I tell people.  I’m not a tour guide nor is this a caravan.  I just have some good information about prepping for Alaska and what to expect kinda.  I will try and hook up some people up with each other so they can travel a little bit together if they so choose.  Thus Loosey Goosey.

Monday.  I emptied the gray/black water tanks.  Then I opened the fresh water and hot water heater tanks.  Then I drove to get fuel and the water emptied out pretty good with the valves being open.  Got back and settled the camper in under the carport to await our return in March.

I called Ron Pinner (Bob’s brother) of Akiva Glass in AZ to get a price for the windshield of the Mercury.  It is broken BAD. His price is about the same as here in Texas.  I rather deal with someone that I have done business with in the past.  Ron replaced our Jeep windshield and got a real good price.  He knows we will call him when we get out his way in February.

Next was to compound and scrub the marking in the right front up top of the camper.  I got that marking when I scraped a side of an overhang of a building at a gas station.  It cleaned up pretty good.  Then I found some old white spray paint.  Hey, why not.  It looks pretty close to normal again.  I can tell but you wont.

I started my last two pork butts.  They will be ready tomorrow.

It’s been running in the 70s the last few days and the warm weather will continue.  It’s a little rain now and then but just misty type rain like in Alaska.

Two weeks from tomorrow and we are out of here but whose counting……

Retirement is like waiting for something to happen.  Then you have to make it happen or it won't happen.