Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Leaving Livingston, TX

We are leaving Livingston in about an hour (7:30).  The adventure of 16+ years will continue.  We are heading West to reunite with our long time friends.

Mark Nemeth, Ed & Sandy Kruty, Carol and myself are in charge of the Escapees Social Hour at Quartzsite this year.  It’s only one day, the 18th Jan, and it will be out Plomosa Road.  Follow the signs.  Maybe we could have a drawing for a Prevost RV Bus?!  I will run it past Headquarters and see what they think.

Stay tuned……

We drove Northwest on red line and even some blue line roads.  It was a nice route even if you were in a hurry which we were by no account.  We came out the South side of the city of Baird, TX.  Supposedly there was a Passport America (PA) park there.  I found a park with the GPS and it was terrible.  Probably THE worse park I ever seen in any type of membership type parks.  The name is  the Walnut something.  DUMP CITY or maybe I was in the wrong park.  We drove on down to Abilene and stayed in a Walmart lot.  It cost a little more.  We were said and done about 3 PM and 360 miles I think.  Really didn’t pay attention to that stuff this time. 

Carol went and got us a canned Chinese dinner from Walmart.  We had the rice.  It was good.

We watch some local channels and went to bed about 8:30 PM.  It was restful and peaceful evening.

Retirement is enjoying the freedom of movement and when to move.

See ya……….