Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ahhhhhhhhhh Hole

Here’s where we spent last night.  It was quiet and uneventful.   Just what we like.DSC_0003

But earlier this morning here’s what we woke to.DSC_0001

When the fog cleared and dried a little bit it was time to get on the roof.  Yesterday evening the sat dish got stuck in an award position and we decided not to move unless it came down.  I went up on the roof and started taking it apart, at least what I could so we could move on without tearing it up.  So now it looks like this…DSC_0004I will work on it later at Frank & Marlene’s.

We hit the road on route 85 south to Ajo.  DSC_0007DSC_0009DSC_0010

About 45 miles later we arrive in Ajo.DSC_0011

Since the J is usually silent I pronounce it A hole.  It’s really pronounced Ah Ho.

Here’s Frank & Marlene’s place.  This all of their place – both buildings.DSC_0012

Here’s Frank coming out to greet and park us.DSC_0013

He tells us what area to park in and here is where we wound up.  Great spot.DSC_0015

If we ever come in the camper here’s where our spot will be.  It’s a small site.  It even has a cement pad.DSC_0016DSC_0017DSC_0018

This is Marlene’s room in the building on the right.  This is where she has her line dance classes just about everyday.  Real nice….DSC_0019DSC_0017

Here’s our view out the front window.DSC_0020

Low and behold…Frank & Marlene.DSC_0021

Frank cooked some very extra large hamburger patties and some tater patties on the grill for brunch.  It was good and filling.

Now it’s New Year’s Eve.  The Elks Lodge was closed.  So we tagged along with Frank & Marlene to a party just down the road.  We met about 20-30 people of all ages.  Everyone brought finger food and booze.  There was plenty to eat or drink if you so wanted.  I snacked a little and drank water.  Carol & Marlene had some Wicked Apple Ale.  Frank drank his favorite beverage – coffee.  We had some interesting conversations about how these local people come to Ajo to live.

About 10 PM (12 PM Eastern time of course) everybody celebrated the New Year coming in.  Then everybody packed up and left including us.

Frank & Marlene dropped us off at our rig and went onto a favorite special local club.  It was way past our bed time so we passed.

Now it’s 7 AM New Year’s morning and it’s pouring down rain and windy. 

I looked up the Wingard sat dish on line.  It appears to be a manual way to lower the dish down.  Oh well.  Later today I will put it back together and then lower it manually.  The on line manual for trouble shooting said to call them for our problem and that’s why I want to put it back together.  There’s a big sat dish place in Quartzsite.  I will take it to them Tuesday if I can’t get it to work  via a phone call with them on Monday.

Retirement is not having to go out in the rain if you don’t want to.

See ya….