Thursday, December 29, 2016

Can Don Come Out & Play

We spent Wednesday night at a closed down Kmart in Demining, NM. Yes just down the road from the Escapees Park.  Just couldn’t see paying $6 and half bucks to park/sleep on their lot.  We don’t use their facilities at all except to take up space.  The Walmart next to the closed Kmart was jammed pack with RVs and big trucks overnight.  Why?  There was one other RV with us.  No interruptions at all.  We paid $2.45 for diesel over by Denny’s. 

It was a peaceful night and damn cold.  Turn off the freezer.DSC_0001

Back on the Interstate heading West by about 7:30 AM.  No rush that’s what time we were ready to go.DSC_0002DSC_0005DSC_0011DSC_0015DSC_0016

If you are missing your Thing, they got it!  I wonder if I can trade them?DSC_0019DSC_0022

170 miles later we were at Sharon & Don’s place.  They got it outfitted (Navy talk) real nice as all the lots are here in their park here in Benson.  “Outfitted” - I have to talk that Navy talk around here.  Anchor’s away and all that stuff.  Oh, Don was on a submarine so I have to griggle ever so often like I’m under water.  DSC_0024

Here we are at our little borrowed space of Frank & Gloria King’s place.  We just hooked up the electric.  Our black water tank doesn’t leak that bad.  I wonder where all this TP came from.  Thanks guys…DSC_0025

Sharon brought over their doggie.  She looks mean at the moment but only because I caught her yawning.DSC_0026

Here she is looking at our kitty cat.  The cat didn’t really mind the dog being there at all.  She gets along with dogs but not other cats.  Strange….DSC_0027

The important stuff.  Don came back home from the hospital earlier today.  Hey Don, your getting that saying, “Keep coming back” mixed up with the hospital people.  It’s not their saying.  Don’t keep trying to go back to them.

Don lost a bunch of his excess ballast and looks like a young seaman.  I think that’s sailor talk for a young slender sailor.  Getting those barnacles off your ass I mean anchor will happen.  Your in dry dock for now getting your pipes refitted.  They are old and rusty evidently.  Too much sea water?

Don wanted some fried liver and chicken for dinner.  Now that’s my kind of dinner except there isn’t a Popeye's around.   We settled for Chester’s and KFC to go and brought it to Don. 

We spent some quality time with Don & Sharon poking fun at Don who was laughing at himself.  Of course if he looks in the mirror he can get a real good laugh as always.  He has more doctors than we’ve had RVs and that’s a lot.  He knows he was really really sick before.  Maybe he don’t.  He slept thru some of it.  smile Don…It will take more time to get your sea legs back.  He wishes it was a lot sooner as we all do.  Hang in their guy.  Time fixes a lot of things (except our looks).

Don, don’t worry, I won’t give out your email ( so people can wish you well.  Everybody – send him a chicken or something.

It was a very quite night.

Retirement is finding out how good your medical plan really is.

See ya……..