Sunday, December 18, 2016

How Much!

Oh my, it will cost $950 to take down a very tall leaning tree on our lot and take it away.  If it falls it will hit the mobile so it has to come down now.

D & D Tree Service said it could stay up for another 20 years or fall down tomorrow.  It’s very tall so topping it would cost almost the same to take it out.  I guess we should take the little camper out West to save money.  Carol said, “Looks like we don’t go!”.  No, we are going out West with our home (Winnebago).  Nothing is changing.  I guess we eat spaghetti without meat for awhile.  We did when we started full timing in June 2000.  Yep,  that’s a long time ago. 

Bill, Ed and myself helped Mark put an aluminum roof over his old regular shingle roof Saturday.  It turned out to be a major job.  I was the ground man.  Maybe because I had 15+ years age wise on two of the guys and I didn’t want to go to the ER.  I’m trying to break my own record of not going to the ER during this calendar year.  Only a couple of weeks to go so I stayed on the ground most of the time.  We started at 8 AM and kinda finished about 7 PM.  Kinda in that all the major roofing was done.  Another time for the little piece work around the edges, etc.

The temps dropped into the 20’s last night (Sun/Mon).  Day time temps are in the low 40’s and windy.  We brought Lisa’s little kitty inside and put it in the mobile.  The big Tom Cat we are sure will be fine in his hiding place.  We have been feeding them twice a day since Jim/Lisa been gone.  We will keep the kitty at least another day/night in the mobile.

The camper needs washing and the big rig needs one too.  Hard to say when that will be done.  Maybe Wednesday when they take the big tree down.  Suppose to be in the 50’s.

We got the camper frig emptied and the portable freezer too.  The portable freezer is staying when we leave next week.  The mobile  freezer is empty and working on the frig part.  There’s only one way to empty these frig’s out and I have gained over 5 lbs doing it.  I need some fat around these bones for these cold temps.

Everything else is same ole same ole..

Retirement is sometimes like waiting for a storm.  Sooner or later it’s going to happen.

See ya…..