Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Start Loading It up!

Tuesday….two weeks and we will be gone.  I will have to start organizing the big rig for going out West.  Whoa, I got stuff spread all over.  The rig is just about empty and I got stuff in the barn, camper and mobile.

Here’s the little dent before and after picture of my backyard fix it…..DSC_0016


Pork… I took both of the butts out of the smoker at 200 degrees and wrapped each one up in foil, then a heavy towel then into an ice chest.  DSC_0027

Bud and Cathie came over later and we gave them one of the butts for Christmas plus a bottle of West Va wine.  Yes, West Va wine? 

Next I put in some pork ribs.  They turned out pretty good.  Carol & I munched on them some.  We gave Wayne & Beth the rest.  No room in our freezer anymore.  Still got a turkey to do for going down the road.DSC_0028

We went over Lisa & Jim’s place who are visiting their relatives up North.  Each day we are feeding their one cat we thought.  Another one appeared.  A big tom cat.  The last couple of days we could hear him meow but he wouldn’t come out of the woods.  He does now and really wants to be petted a lot.DSC_0021This is a happy cat!!!!!!  Looks like Carol after a massage.DSC_0017

Now this kitty below has adopted Lisa and they got her fixed already but can’t keep her.  Lisa is allergic to cats.DSC_0015

She’s ready for anybody who would like to have her.  She likes to be petted too.  She’s a tiny kitty.DSC_0020

The big lovable male is also available.DSC_0018

I filled the DEF tank on the big RV with the new Walmart DEF I got.  The 4 boxes here are empty but I carry them to fill up at a truck stop when ever I get a chance.  Nope, not anymore.  Since I can get the Walmart cheaper brand now (on top) I will only carry probably two containers of it.  When my DEF tank is full I can go about 3,000 miles max.  I have been know to run it down with a gallon left.  About 2,000 miles is a good range before lights start blinking at me around 2,500 miles.DSC_0025

Gotta go………DSC_0011

Retirement is like being President-Elect, always getting into trouble for saying something.

See Ya