Tuesday, December 27, 2016

One Day Down

We left Livingston about 7:30 AM Tuesday 27 Dec.  We drove Northwest on red line and even some blue line roads.  It was a nice route even if you were in a hurry which we were by no account.  We came out the South side of the city of Baird, TX.  Supposedly there was a Passport America (PA) park there.  I found a park with the GPS and it was terrible.  Probably THE worse park I ever seen in any type of membership type parks.  The name is  the Walnut something.  DUMP CITY or maybe I was in the wrong park.  We drove on down to Abilene and stayed in a Walmart lot.  It cost a little more.  We were said and done about 3 PM and 360 miles I think.  Really didn’t pay attention to that stuff this time. 

Carol went and got us a canned Chinese dinner from Walmart.  We had the rice.  It was good.

We watch some local channels and went to bed about 8:30 PM.  It was restful and peaceful evening.

Retirement is enjoying the freedom of movement and when to move.

See ya……….