Sunday, November 27, 2016

Memories..Better Wright Them Down

Working backwards with what I can remember.

Saturday.   We had a smoked pork rib dinner last night for those people planning to go to Alaska.  There was a total of nine of us.  We had a lot of smoked ribs, a 11 bean soup with sausage, beans, garlic bread, tater salad, buffalo wings and then there were the desserts.  Of course we had a variation of wine and beer.  We all pigged out while watching thousands of video pictures.  It was great.

Friday.  We did the La Colona lunch vice the usual Thursday.  Then Cigar & whiskey night at Mark’s.

Thursday – Thanksgiving.  We had dinner with Jim & Kim Waddle and 7 other guests/friends.  It was a really big dinner and soooo good.   Thanks guys.

Wednesday.  Did nothing memorable.

Tuesday.  Did nothing memorable.

Monday.   Jan & Dave Wilson had a get together for those going to Alaska 2017 that where here in Livingston.   It was really great.

Sunday.  NASCAR – outstanding……

And then there was the week before…..yep it happened too.

Retirement.  It really does happen.  Just let me know when it happens.

See ya…………