Sunday, November 6, 2016

Unload the RV and Try Again

I repacked the storage compartments in the camper again.  Yes, I already did it once.  I’m trying not to carry the “might need” stuff to Alaska.  It’s hard for me because I “might need” it.  Then someone said how to fix that problem.  Don’t carry the “might need” stuff and if you do need it, buy it when you need it.  That makes a lot of sense but I’m having a hard time doing it.  I already removed some stuff  like the “might need” tools.  Then the portable sat dome and the cables that go with it I took out.  That might go back in for when we aren’t in Alaska 3 months out of a 7 month gone away adventure.  In our camper (loaded) we can carry another 500 lbs and still be under our gross vehicle rating and axle ratings (by 1,100 lbs)  That’s real good for a small camper.  The tires are way within their ratings.  I might install the portable freezer (12/110 volt) out of the big rig into the camper.  Hey, what’s another 50 lbs?  That would be to carry halibut on the return trip out of Alaska.  Not sure about it yet.

I installed a new frig roof vent.  I clipped the old vent with a branch and it needed to be replaced before now before Alaska. 

I will be carrying extra oil/air filters for the engine and the generator.  I plan to change them myself up North (Alaska).  The oil I will get up there.  Too heavy/bulking to carry something that is easy gotten up there.  It will just be a little more expensive.  The filters are light weight and I don’t want to go in search of those things up there.

What chairs to take to Alaska?  That’s where I’m at now.  Maybe I’m spending too much thought into it but I do want us to be very comfortable setting out enjoying the never ending scenery.  Normally no big deal.  Normally we carry several different kinds/sizes.  This time just one each so they need to be very comfortable.

Retirement – Seems like more thinking and less physical work.  At least that’s a goal, I think!

See ya….