Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Yep…..just vegetating due to the strong winds and cold.  It did warm up to about 53.  AND 70 degrees they say for this Saturday.

I did finally lock on a campground for our Lossey Goosey Group in Dawson Creek next month.  That was on going for about 2 weeks.  The group number is right on the border number wise of being a caravan and thus get a discount.  We’re at 17 rigs but only 12 can show up in Dawson by our departure date due to their attendance of the Escapade in Goshen some 2,100 miles away.  They will catch up to us a little later on.  The group is large but it will be only a short time.  Each will come and go as time passes.  I think in Fairbanks people will do their own thing from their RV parks of their preference.  Some will stay together for awhile then travel by themselves or with a few others at different times.  Thus, Loosey Goosey but with friends always nearby.DSC_0002

Here’s the Loosey Goosey Group of 2011DSC_0015 

See ya……..