Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stopped Raining – Sun’s Out

Well we went to Carl’s Jr for breakfast.  Boy did that suck and service was lacking.

Then we went to Camping World in Kaysville, UT to return our inside entrance steps that didn’t fit.  Our outside steps didn’t fit either but we exchanged them for ones that did.  They were very nice and helpful.

Then it was on to Home Depot to have some carpet cut.  They used my measurements.  Oh no, I only measured once.  That was a well spent $20 hopefully.  I will install them on another day along with the outside step covers.

Next was to find the hydraulic fluid reservoir for the jacks.  I couldn’t find the dog on thing.  I called Winnebago and they instructed me where it was and how to get to it.  It’s underneath the second entrance step with one little nut holding the step down.  No problem.  unscrewed it and lifted the hinge step up.  There it was.  I couldn’t really ceck it because the jacks were down.  they have to be stored along with the slides in.  Lesson learned from when a tech didn’t do that at Red Bay, AL (Tiffin).  I did add about a half of ounce and see if that makes a difference.  If the buzzer goes off when going down the road I will add another 1/2 ounce or less.  Otherwise I will have to find a level spot to check it with the jacks up and slide outs in.  I will eventually. 

No rain today and the sun was out and it was a Yuma windy day and held around 50 degrees.  We even open the door and just had the screen door closed.  We had to get some fresh air inside. 

Carol is slow cooking  a pot roast since this morning and it smells so good.  I think we will get a couple of roasts for the road.

Who the hell is this?   It happened just shy of 50 years ago.

Denny & Susie Wedding

See ya…………..