Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oh No Double Trouble

Saturday, there was trouble. The front heat pump (AC) was set for heat but only the fan was running and wouldn’t turn off and no heat during the night sometime.   It was about 50 some degrees that night.  Hmmmmm, now what? Our plans for next week changed that quick.  We now have an appointment with Camping World (Winnebago Svc Ctr-under warranty) near Hill AFB, Salt Lake City, UT for 28 April.

I turned off the heat pump at the control thing and the fan stopped running of course. I went outside and had water running off the roof and down next to the front door. That was a first for there.  I went up on the roof and the AC tray was full of water. It hadn’t drained thru the connection to the rear of the rig like it’s suppose to.  Plus in this dry weather there shouldn’t be any water.  I think what happen during the night the heat pump froze up for unknown reason and now it was thawing out and the drain was plugged. The same plug that Lazydays Tucson said wasn’t plugged up.  Their the ones who wanted to undo the factory installed HiDef TV sat and I said NO and we left…………anyhow.

During the day I was testing the heat pump and the AC. Everything was fine. Hmmmmm. I will call Winnebago and see what they say about it.

Then second trouble was we get a call from Ed & Sandy Kruty.  Their in Prescott.  Sure, come on up and we will have lunch.  You should know by now where that will be.DSC_0001

Don’t know what the dish is but for $7.25 including your drink it was a good deal and it even tasted great!  Ed & Sandy both agreed this place had great food.DSC_0002

Sandy made Ed bark like a dog for his food..We had a good time there.DSC_0003

Then we all went back to our rig.  We talked about the trip to Alaska in a little more detail.  Plus where we were going to meet in a couple of weeks which is Hill AFB, Salt Lake City, UT.  We had some great stories to share.

They stayed for a couple of hours.  We tried to talk them staying for diner at the La Fonda Mexican place and they just rubbed their stomachs and said, “Oh no!”  They had a dog that needed to be let out and that would have been to late after diner.  Don’t like those little brown things around inside.

You might reading this on Easter so we hope you all have a nice quiet Happy Easter.

See ya