Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Full Timing Decisions

Us full timers have it rough.  Time to leave again and see more of the good old U.S. of A.  But where?  We’ve been here at this Thousand Trails in Verde Valley, AZ for two weeks.  Now what?  We’re not really sure about Wednesday through Friday nights.  Saturday we have reservations for Hill AFB in Salt Lake City for 10 days I think.  We have an appointment with the local RV doctor Monday for the front AC/heat pump.  It’s working now but making a little unusual noise when it turns off.  It froze up a few days ago.  Ten days in Salt Lake City.  That should be interesting.  I don’t think we ever spent 10 days in a big busy city.  More people means the idiot numbers go up.  Oh boy…..where’s that blood pressure med?

Our problem is that we did want to boone dock over at the Dixie National Forrest on our way north but it’s gonna turn cold real quick like in the low 50’s and then low 30’s high 20’s there.  Nope that’s out.  We could stay at Page, AZ Elks (200 miles) if they have a space.  They have full hook up but only five spaces plus a little warmer.  We will check that out more. Another little park is near Panguitch, UT we could stay at.  It’s expected to be cold there too.  It’s about 350 miles but the winds are suppose to be real strong the next few days along our route in AZ and Utah.  Hopefully they are out of South like they say.  A little tail wind is nice for a change.  We’re going up route 89 North. The winds were bad here Tuesday, real bad.  We thought we were in Yuma.

Here’s the topper.  We had the rig washed yesterday, Tuesday.  It’s 70% chance of rain Saturday no matter where we might be at.  Damn… there goes $75 bucks.

Alaska update.  I wasn’t going to but I’m negotiating with parks in the Dawson Creek area for our Loosey Goosey Group.  I have nine confirmed members (RVs) but need 12 to get a discount of almost 20% off their normally high prices.  I got the Chamber Of Commerce doing a special presentation for us.  They will come to us.  Also, I will try and line up a special tour for us at Sewell’s Zoo Farm.  Been there done that and it’s great.  One of a kind diner there too.  We already have Loosey Goosey members moving toward the Canadian Border but the cold is slowing them down.  We will cross over about mid May for our 7-8 day trip to Dawson Creek.

My Honey Do List is getting short.  Yea……I don’t think I ever got it caught up so why rush.  There went some brownie points.

See ya……