Friday, April 18, 2014

Dennis Who

Carol and I were walking around and we found somebody in the park that we knew,  Dennis & Pat Swan.  They were packing up for their departure tomorrow.  They couldn’t have gotten a site further from us than they are.  Hmmmm, what does that mean?  They’ve only been here about 4 days or so I think.  We want out to diner later.  Yep, our favorite place.  They had never been but said they would definitely be back.  They too love the food here.  They got a really nice Jeep and have 35’ tires on it along with a lot of other off road “stuff”.  DSC_0004


It’s a little high for Pat but she loves to go off roading.DSC_0001


Really fun couple and are full timers for over 10 years at least.  We talked about 4 wheeling a little bit, Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ their landing spot in the winter among a lot of other subjects.  It was really nice.  They’re on their way to help out with the Moab Hop that we were suppose to help out with.  We had Mom things going on so we backed out early enough so that the Escapees could fill our spot.  I think the HOP is better off with these 4 wheelers that us by far.  I think they both have rocks and dirt in their blood.DSC_0003

When we got back to the “Baby” everything seemed OK.  Several hours later we realized we were out of shore power.  When you got 8 AGM batteries you just don’t know unless you look at some gauges.  Something was wrong.  I checked all the circuits and switches and gizmos.  I found that our Autoformer appeared not to be working.  I took it out of line and everything was OK.  Hmmmm.  Something to check out when we get to another park.  I still have a device by Progressive Industries in line that will shut off our electric if it goes array again.  The Autoformer was hooked up right at the park’s electric box and might have ruined the Autoformer.  Hopefully not.  Maybe it’s just resting.  I just don’t trust the electric here at this site.  Time will tell.

We got an appointment with the Gary’s Mobile RV Wash for next Tuesday.  We leave Wednesday.  He charges $75 for a wash and $185 for a wash and wax.  I saw him doing other RV’s and using that special water, etc..

See ya…..