Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goodbye Chapter 32 Hello TTN

We sad our good byes and we left along with Denny & Susie.  It didn’t take me long to run this light behind them.  Thank goodness it was a long yellow light – kinda.


Denny & Susie going up Interstate 17DSC_0004

We followed them for about 75 miles or so and we turned right while they went on down the road.DSC_0023 - Copy


One of Nick Russell’s favorite Mexican eateries and it’s my best for beans and rice which I normally don’t care for.DSC_0025 - Copy


We want to go here during our stay.DSC_0026 - Copy DSC_0027 - Copy DSC_0032 - Copy


We got real lucky being they were pretty full.  We got a real nice 30 AMP FHU.DSC_0033 - Copy 

See ya……….