Monday, April 28, 2014

Jacks Down, Red Light & Buzzer

I called Camping World and canceled our appointment with them.  Since the AC/Heat Pump only froze up once and has worked every since, I couldn’t see keeping the appointment.  They would just scratch their heads and say, “Yepper, it’s working now.”  Don’t want to waste their valuable time.  Yes, I’m being sarcastic.  I need to call Winnebago anyhow.  I can’t find the hydraulic reservoir fill.   I had one jack leak out about an ounce of fluid.  I tighten a nut and it appears not to be leaking.  My Jack down light on the dash comes on going down the road ever so often then goes out.   My past experience tells me the fluid is a little low.  I can’t find the friggin fill in this chassis.  I’ve even crawled underneath to no avail.  Winnebago might know?

We’re starting to stock up food for our Alaska trip.  Since we are here on a military base we went to the commissary.  People think it’s a lot cheaper being military.  Nope.  Just like any other food store you have to know the price of what you are buying.  The commissary has no off brands either.  But, there are deals just like any other food stores, maybe a few more.  So we went for the deals.  We stalked up on frozen veggies, a few small frozen dinners, a couple of roasts, canned goods that were on sale and anything that looked like a “deal”.

Since they have diesel here on base I checked out the gas station if I could get the RV to the pump island.  No big problem but do have to be a little careful.  Diesel is $3.89 and if I top off the tank I can make it to Great Falls, MT with no problem.  Great Falls is about 550 miles.  Diesel there is hovering around $4 a gallon. 

I think the number of tourists going to Alaska will be way down this year.  Fuel in Anchorage is right around $4 a gallon.  That’s not too shabby all things considered.  The fuel in Canada has not dropped down this year.  Diesel is running between $5 and $7 a gallon.  That’s about a dollar more a gallon than in years past.  Even in the U.S. it’s crept back up and stayed up.  It’s become the norm I guess, again. The rich get richer…….. If it weren’t all these foreign things going on maybe Uncle Sam could take care of us and deal with these oil companies.  Profits are way to high and it’s affecting us all here at home.  Opps, enough said.

Since we will be in cool weather the rest of the summer I need to pump my RV tires up 5 lbs each.  Their right at the correct air pressure for the weight but I always put 5 lbs extra in.  This will go on my Alaska trip list that is really getting small. 

Plus, I got to straighten out my mud flap.  I went thru a dip and it dragged against the frame and bent the living po out of it.  It looks like something a rookie driver would do.  Hey, a rubber mallet and a few hits and it looks OK.  But, I have to take the mud flap down to get a good swing at it, no bigeee, just time.

Did somebody say SNOW!……no, just my little imagination….  DSC_0013DSC_0012 DSC_0001DSC_0010


The park is about 3/4 full.  BUT we have an empty site on each side of us.  One guy came in and stayed two nights and then moved to another site on gravel.   I guess it might be from running around nude with the windows up.  Here I thought these windows were black out windows.  Oh well….. they will get over it in a few years…..

See ya……