Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Opposite Direction At The Fuel Pumps

We arrived at Freightliner a little before our 10 AM appointment.  We were done and gone by 11:30 AM.  They put the new power steering reservoir on with no hang ups.  Wow, customer service was what it should be.  DSC_0002

We then went over to Love’s for a fill up on fuel and DEF.  Yes I went into the truck fuel islands the opposite way.  One trucker blocked me.  I just jumped up on his running boards and explained the fact that the manufacture put the DEF tank on the opposite side. He felt sorry for me and backed up so I could get DEF.  Then I went over to the RV pumps and got diesel.  I didn’t want to push my luck and over stay my welcome at the big truck pumps in backwards.  Diesel was $3.64.  The “Baby’s” fuel mileage is back up to 8.4 MPG with all types of driving this time.  I think it will go up a little more.

OK, now what?  We have no plans.  The Tempe Elks looked like our best bet.  We gave them a call.  “We have plenty of sights” was they’re reply.  We went and they did.  For a full hook up (30 AMP) it was $20.  By today’s standards that’s damn good in a city and the sight was pretty good.  DSC_0003 The lodge is in an industrial area near some kind of 24 hour plant that meant a hum all night long but was soothing at the same time.

I got some emails about my April 1st blog.  Yes they said it sounded believable until I said the part about  Tiffin.  Yepper, that part was a little unbelievable wasn’t it.

We went shopping today.  Sam’s had paper plates on sale so we got a few hundred for up North along with a few other things.

Back at our site it was time to clean the Jeep from the power steering fluid.  Plus I cleaned the front real good and reinstalled the front shield.  I also made a cover for the windshield out of a Yoga mat.  Hope it works.DSC_0001

Since my sandals were shot and actually hurt when I walked on anything but grass.  There’s nit much grass in AZ so I got another pair or run abouts.  Yes, I will wear them in Alaska at times.  I heard bears don’t like bright colors.DSC_0004

There brighter than the Jeep.  Oh I got a polo shirt to match too.

See ya.