Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Living The RV Dream/Bad Elect

Well, John & Kathy Huggins are Living The RV Dream as many of us full timers are.  They asked Carol & I if we would to a podcast with them about traveling to Alaska in a RV since we’ve been 4 times in a RV.  Our first question was what’s a podcast?   As you all know I’m know very little about the internet and computers and I like it that way.  It doesn’t confuse my small brain.  It already has more information than I can remember.  Anyhow, they basically make a voice recording of a interview and put it on the internet.  That’s about it for my brain.  We went over to their rig for the interview this morning.DSC_0003

Their website is

We sat around a microphone and they interviewed us.  I think Kathy is finding out that you don’t ever want to give me a microphone.DSC_0004

We talked about traveling to Alaska for about 1 1/2 hours.  I think Carol & I used up all their electricity and they had a hard time turning us off.  Just being funny.  It was great.  Carol & I love to talk about the preparing stage and then the actual adventure.  I don’t remember if we mentioned our Loosey Goosey Group of 2014 going to Alaska.   See, I already can’t remember just that little tid bit.  They were great interviewers.  They said their internet pod site is and the Alaska show will air this Saturday at 7 AM Eastern time.  It will then be available forever.  That’s all I know/remember.  Oh no!  If I got it wrong, they will tell me I hope.

Later that day I started hearing things.  Old age or what.  It was like a high pitch sound that lasted about 5 seconds.  I heard it the middle of last night too.  I didn’t want to say anything to Carol because she say’s I hear things anyhow so I don’t pay them much mind usually.   Then she heard it but again only for a few seconds.  Now I know I’m OK.  We couldn’t find where it was coming from.  First thought was the dash because it sounded like some type of dash warning alarm.  Nope.  Then it happened again and we lost shore power.  Yep, this device was telling us that our voltage was low.  Here’s what it looks like normally.DSC_0007  

It got down below 105 volts and another piece of electronics (the crooked one) andDSC_0009 it shut off our shore power and switched over to the inverter.  This might have saved some motors, electronics, etc in the coach.  It’s a Progressive Industries product that I got from Daryl Lawrence ( years ago.  Great gismo and costs about $400.  It won’t let bad juice in the coach at all.

So, I then got out my 15+ year old 30 AMP Autoformer  and hooked it up since we were in a 30 AMP site.  It boasts the electric up to a good voltage when needed.DSC_0008

It started boosting right away and we were all good to go again.  A lot of people including us are running AC’s.  That will drop the electric down real quick to a unsafe voltage if the park isn’t equipped right.

So, it was another great day in the neighborhood as a retired cop use to say.  I think he was…Mr Rogers.

Don’t forget about the Saturday podcast…

See ya….