Thursday, April 24, 2014

17 Degrees… What’s That About?

We had both heat pumps going last night and it got to 77 degrees inside the coach.  It was about 11 PM and 35 degrees out when the heat pumps said no more.  Surprised that they lasted to that low of temperature.  We turned on our little brown heater and all was well.  I got up about 4 AM and it was 57 degrees inside the coach.  Two hours later it was 17 degrees outside and 58 degrees inside.  It got light out about 6:30 AM but temp is remaining below 20 degrees.  Projected highs are in the 50’s.  Can’t wait.  I will have to go underneath into the storage bin and pull out the portable LP heater for tonight.

I had to unplug my tire monitoring system due to the cold temps which made the tire pressures low.  They work fine if they are set in the cold.  No bigeee.  I might adjust them later when the sun is the brightest and warmer of course.   I just have to unscrew the sensors off the tire, wait about a minute then screw them back on. 

About 9 AM Carol said it was raining outside.  I looked out the front window…no rain.  I looked out the driver side window…no rain.  Then I listened real good and it sounded like rain.  I opened the door and was raining…kinda.  The water connection next site over had broken and was spraying down the passenger side of the Jeep and RV and part of the roof.  I ran out with no shoes and no shirt and turned it off.  Yes it was still in the 20’s.  We went thru construction yesterday……DSC_0110 DSC_0111

and needless to say it was dusty and so was the rig.  Now you add water on that dust and you have a dirty rig.  The good thing is it that it’s dirty only on one side.  Jeep Too!

We vegetated today……since it was our first day in the cold.

The hippy dippy weatherman said it was going to rain real good here and in Slat Lake City starting Friday evening.  We figure go up there tomorrow before the bad weather.  This way we will be setting in a site before the rain hits and won’t have to drive in it.  Hill AFB, Salt Lake City is about 280 miles.  So be it….

The winds kicked up about 3 PM today.  Maybe they will be gone tomorrow.  We will hang a left off route 89 and use route 20 over to I-15 to Salt Lake City.

See ya……………….