Monday, March 16, 2015

Urgent Care Not The ER

Monday Monday…wasn’t there a song started out singing that?  MaMa’s & PaPa’s?  funny….

I have had the sniffles/wheezing the last couple of nights so I did what Carol told me to do.  I went to Urgent Care fighting all the way.  The last time I didn’t do what she said when I was sick (Jan), I ended up in the ER .  Then flown around AZ and ended up in a heart hospital.   So I did what she said being that I leave on the motorcycle trip Tuesday (today) morning.  After Urgent Care I went on to Wal-Mart Pharmacy.  $79 later and a lot of meds, I will be fine for the motorcycle trip.  Hope I can remember it.  One of two inhalers retails for $339.  My cost was $40.  That mark up is insane.  One of the meds says it will make you dizzy.  Not that it might make you dizzy.  It WILL make you dizzy.  Now I know what blondes medicate with.  I will use it before I go to sleep.

After packing just about everything on the bike I went for a little 40 mile ride to see how everything would hang on including me.  We will do fine. 

It was really nice out.  The sun was out and near 90 degrees.  Driving around and on a hot day with stop and go traffic the bike gets really hot to sit on…normal.  I paid $3.63 for Hi Test.  Diesel is cheaper than gas in this area running about $3.10+.  Gas running about $3.35+.

Although this blog is for Monday, I’m typing it Tuesday morning (6:30 AM).  In awhile I leave.  I will meet Mark up north at Kramer’s Junction  (rt 395 & 58).  From there we will decide for sure which way we will go.  Probably north then hang a left to the water.  Then do a 180 turn and go towards Fresno.  Then hang another left and go towards Auburn.  Then maybe hang a left and go back towards the water again.  Maybe end up at Smith River on the California border.  If you can follow those directions you must be a country person and can understand those directions. 

The next blog will be next week probably about Tuesday or Wednesday when we return.  I got to be back no later than 9 days to move out of the RV Park.  Our time will be up, no extensions.  Mark wants to leave by Thursday (26th) to return to Texas.

Stay tuned for the story of one out of shape old fat guy and a youngin (by 9yr) try some tent camping for a week on motorcycles.  This will be interesting.

See ya…. as they ride off into the sunset.  Who were those masked men…?  Two guys on a dream reliving their younger days.. Hi ho, hi ho, off we go…..