Sunday, March 15, 2015

Remnants of Friday the 13th

Our outside underneath freezer wasn’t working.  I thought I fixed it yesterday but this morning when I checked it, it was out again.  I took the 12 volt plug apart and found that the hot wire was apart due to poor soldering that was done in China.  I went to Advance Auto and bought another plug.  I did some splicing and got it going again.  Now it’s fixed.

Next was too work on packing for our 8 day or so trip that Mark and I will be starting Tuesday.  I added another leather compartment bag to the back seat.  I will get some pics when I’m done tomorrow.

There will be no blog for Tuesday thru…. until we return.  I will then do a day by day info of our fun trip.   It won’t be the normal info about a vacation.  It will be the rest of the story that travelers don’t focus on.  The little tid bits that are funny and probably self embarrassing for sure…who me!

Excuse me… NASCAR is on………

I cooked a steak on the grill and then Carol went Line Dancing.

See ya………