Wednesday, March 11, 2015


These days are becoming a blurrrr.

Let’s see… no special order.  We had our 1st official (kinda) Escapees BOF MOR (motorcycles) meeting.  We had 14 people who attended.  That’s good.  Without going to my notes we now have about 25-30 members and growing.  It’s still a work in progress and will take at least 2-3 months before it can get to the next step.

I picked up 45 dozen donuts this morning (Wed)  That’s a lot.  I think I’ve only ate 3 donuts the entire time so far.  Not real big on sweets except for my honey… brownie points….

The Geeks drone caught me outside acting my normal fun phase.  Then put it up on the big screen before God and country for all to see before the night entertainment.  It was funny and got laughs.

We ate here on the fairgrounds at the little food trailer.  I can say with pretty good confidence it was food.  The fries were really crispy and not like McDonalds for sure.

Tomorrow (Thursday) a lot is going on.  Get gas, pick up donuts,  deliver donuts, drop off chili, take RV to La Mesa RV & leave it to repair slide & jack, return to fairgrounds with no home, help with donuts/coffee, participate in chili cook off,  do something for a couple of hours, closing ceremony, do something,  pick up rig probably around 5 ish, play in traffic, return to fairgrounds to same site hopefully, eat somewhere with somebody, Farewell Dance, & then it starts Friday for another busy schedule in the AM and then throw in a 480 mile trip to our next place.  And so on….

I’m tired of just realizing what we have to do Thursday that I’m going back to bed now….

See ya…………