Thursday, March 5, 2015

Motorcycles RVs?/Seminars?/Tombstone

Can’t we say motorcycles are RVs? RV does stand for Recreational Vehicle.  Last night Mark and I got to briefly talk about our motorcycle (RV) trip (2K mi) coming up in two weeks.  Mark initially wanted to do only hotels.  Now he says only tents and friend’s places.  We shall see.  He is 8 years younger than me!  We won’t be doing camp cooking.  Too much more gear to carry with our air mattresses and pumps.  Hey, priorities for kinda old people.  This is going to be interesting.  Mark has a rough route planned out and we will be going thru all sorts of heights, valleys and coastal roads.  We will be prepared for cold weather when it happens and even rain.  Rain we will try to avoid of course.

Readers have asked if we will be doing any seminars at the Escapade like our Driving Seminar (the entertaining one) or Air Brake Testing.  I’ve been asked also about our two special Alaskan Seminars too.  They were How To Prepare For Alaska and the another one of just pictures and music which was entertaining and relaxing.  Folks…the answer is no. They’re other people who do or can do them.  So as not to interfere, we don’t do them. It’s part of their livelihoods ($).  I do enjoy critiquing them though. Usually not bad for rookies.


I went on a little 165 mile jaunt today.  I left base it was 44 degrees.  It did get warmer but I was going into the mountains.  Yes, I got cold mainly on my legs even though I had leather leggins one.  I need long johns and chaps.  It was still a nice drive.DSCN0637

Boot Hill and Jewish Memorial!  I wonder who owns this place.  DSCN0642 DSCN0641DSCN0644 DSCN0657  DSCN0650 DSCN0652 DSCN0648DSCN0646 DSCN0649 DSCN0653 

It was a great day but cool in Tombstone.  The place was like really empty.  Nice time to visit and everything was open.

Tomorrow we move to the Fairgrounds for the Escapade.

See ya……….