Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day One Of The Motorcycle Trip

1st Day out Tuesday March 17.  I rode the bike from the Menifee up North to Kramer’s Junction and met Mark.  That’s Rt 395 and 95 in California.  We headed North on 95 towards Lake Isabella.  The lake was just about all dried up and scared Mark’s memory of it.  Then it was on to another childhood memory of his and that is the Kern River going down off the mountains.  It too was another memory that was also just about all dried up.  Poor Mark.  The ride itself was really nice along with spectacular views.  We ended up on Rt 166 but don’t quote me. 

We then headed West and spent the night in a place called Cuyama City at a city park called Aliso.  Nobody was in the park and it was set back off the highway 6 miles on a very small road.  We went to eat dinner at the Burger Barn but it closed an hour before we arrived.  Instead we went to a local bar and had tacos.


I had trouble with setting up my tent.Ride 05


Sleeping bag?Ride 07Ride 08DSCN0714 

Hey, 1st night out and in the tents.DSCN0719 

 Ride 04 

Mark’s residence.Ride 06

It was a little nippy that night but we survived.  Maybe the beer helped.

See ya……..