Tuesday, March 3, 2015

La Mesa RV Tucson – Poor Workmanship

Monday we got to our site from the RV dealer.  Now we got a major problem with our large slide out.  One corner is about 3 inches from going out or in all the way.  Plus our electronic door opener don’t work.  La Mesa repair shop is now closed.

Tuesday I’m on the phone a lot.  Of course they have no idea why the slide broke and their repairs are broke.  They started talking next week and I blew my top.  Then they wanted us to go into the Escapade late Friday – NO.  Then cancel my Harley maintenance appointment Thursday – NO!  Later that day I called back and spoke to the shop manager.  Bottom line we are to come back Wednesday at 10:30 AM.  If their lips are moving and so forth……

This is what we don’t like about RVing and that is poor workmanship and then no responsibility for it.  They just don’t really care to repair it right.  Just get you out of the shop so they can try and fix someone else’s problem.  Maybe they will get lucky and fix it right. 

Later that night my blood pressure went down and we went to dinner with the same ole gang.  We all met at U – Like Chinese Buffet on Wilmot St that Sharon & Don recommended.  It was about 10 bucks for seniors.  It was pretty dog on good.  If you like sushi they have it.  I think Sandy Kruty would like this place.  A lot of bang for the buck.  We had fun talking about old and new times as usual. 

That’s about it.

See ya…..