Tuesday, March 24, 2015

7 nights, 8 days & 2,200 Miles

Yepper, Mark and I have returned from our much planned unplanned motorcycle trip.  I got notes and pictures of which are not organized enough to put on the blog yet.  I will say and Mark has agreed.. it was friggin great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No rain so that means good weather.  No real problems only little adventures that became funny ones.  I did gain 5 lbs… what can I say?

Mark & I got back yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.  We separated at Kramer's Junction which is where we met up.  I got back to Carol and the kitty about 2 PM.  It was nice to be back at home with loved ones.  Really don’t miss the tent or staying at someone else’s place.  The scenery was spectacular.  I did capture some great pictures but not many.  Remember it’s hard to take pictures while moving on a motorcycle.  Oh yes we did!  Here’s Mark in Death Valley.DSCN0787 It’s also hard to stop to take pictures because it just so neat to see more and more and taking pictures become a low priority in a lot of cases.  It’s more of a window tour.  A GoPro camera system is much needed for sure.

I will say that we spent 4 nights in tents, 2 nights at friends and one night in a motel.  We had to spend one night in this one particular motel… we just had too.  Why? Because it was one of a kind and it just fit……DSCN0762

More to come..

See ya………………