Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Voice Of Freedom

DSC_0001  And it’s loud!

I removed my bent mud flap.  It was bent pretty good.  A few bangs from a rubber mallet and bending with some grunts and it’s pretty straight now.  I really bent it on a dip that looked so innocent.   Now’s all better.DSC_0002

We got a new outside solar lamp.  It will shine on Carol’s flea market kitty most of the night.DSC_0003

Not much going on.  We went to Cabela’s yesterday with Ed & Sandy.  I slobbered over the new Bradley Electric Smoker.  It’s a baby one.  It’s so cute.  But, I held back and didn’t get it.  Glad that Cabela’s is so far away.

Tuesday we start heading up north again about 325 miles to Glen Canyon State Rec Area.  Hope there open.  If not, we will have to come up with a plan B.

See ya.