Friday, May 9, 2014

Girl Scouts/Toilet Paper/RVing Women

Carol & I went to Denny’s for breakfast.  Mine was not that great.  Guess what?  The Denny’s regional rep and manager were setting behind us.  Yepper, I told them the breakfast dish I got sucked and why.  They  apologized and “Would look into it?”  I was friendly but blunt.  They were very cordial.  Oh well, I gave them my two cents….

Then we went to the local Verizon store to see if we could get some minutes while in Canada.  They were very helpful but to no avail unless we wanted to change our plans and that would cost more when we returned to the U.S.   Bottom line -  .89  cents a minute.  Please don’t call us unless it’s an emergency.

Later I helped (watched) Ed put air in all of his RV tires since we will be traveling in cold weather the next several months.  It’s windy, overcast and 50 some degrees out. 

Yesterday Ed & I repaired my mud flap that I’ve been carrying in a compartment.  Hey, just some cutting   hear and bending there and it’s up and hanging.   It’s up off the ground about an inch more.   Looks like what it is…a banged up straighten mud flap.

I unloaded the Jeep of stuff that we’ve been carrying around for awhile.  We got enough paper plates for a few months.  Plus, if you eat enough you will need toilet paper.  Yepper, got that covered too.  Enough for a girls scout summer camp.  Women can run out of a lot of things but toilet paper it won’t be.

Can't you just hear the driver saying, “Get your head inside.!”20140509_124137

Picture by Sandy Kruty……

Later we got hit with high winds and rain.DSC_0001  DSC_0006


Can you find the two dogs…..DSC_0004

See ya………..