Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rain, Sleet & Snow – Why Not!

Wow…. rain, sleet & of course snow and we’re not even near Alaska yet.

Started this morning by ripping the coaches  mud flap just about off.  One little dip and ripppppp.  I had to take it off the rest of the way off & put it in our long compartment of course.  I just had finished filling up with propane ($2.97) and fuel ($3.95) on base.  I pulled out of the gas station and hit bottom in the rear.  That means the mud flap bent.  Then I pulled into the shopping center still on base and bang….. dragged bottom again.  This coach drags more than all the other coaches put together to include the 43’.  Well each time the rear chassis rails drag I get a dent/drag mark on the mud flap.  This time it just ripped beyond immediate repair.  No damage to the electrical cable or chains.  I already learned that lesson and bungee them out of the way.

Down the road we go behind Ed & Sandy Kruty.  It was a little nippy being in the low 40’s but we where inside.  The sun WAS shinning and all that.DSC_0010 DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0022

Wait a minute…we’re not in the Yukon….DSC_0042

Then the clouds of doom…then we got up to about 6800 feet elevation….DSC_0035


Our turn to lead since we were getting into Montana and aiming for a previous campground we stayed at.  DSC_0067DSC_0048DSC_0077 DSC_0078

We got out of the mountains or at least down to 5,000 feet elevation and it all went away.  More buffalo….DSC_0082 DSC_0085

Marilyn & Larry, Sharon & Don and us camped here in a campground in 2011 en route to Alaska.  Exit 56 on I-15 in Montana.  Now the place is out of business.   It makes a good boone docking place.  Plenty of space.  It did get down to about 30 degrees.  DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0092

We did 330 miles today.  Tomorrow we got about 225 miles to Great Falls.  More mountains around Butte along with some more cold weather.  The Baby ran real good and the dash heater works fine going down the road in cold weather.

We only put out one slide out while Boone docking in this cold weather.  No sense heating up space that we really don’t use.  We did put up the sat TV and watched a few shows.  We left the inverter on and went to bed about 9:30 PM.  Portable heater off.  I got up about 3:30 AM and it was 53 degrees inside.  The voltage was at 12.3 and about an hour & half later we were at 12.2.  Inside temp was up to 60 degrees now.  I hear pitter batter on the roof like a hard rain.  Morning will tell.  Deal with it then. 

I read some blogs of which some needed updated.  Now sending this one off and going back to a warm body and I don’t mean the kitty.

See ya…..