Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Orange Man Delivers

Here’s how everyone's morning started out Tuesday.  Carol & I delivered a surprise breakfast to everyone's rig that was here.  Hey, Hardees sausage, egg biscuit. DSC_0002-001 DSC_0006-001 DSC_0007-001 DSC_0008

Here’s what ED & I worked on today.  That bracket had torn off in yesterday’s wind.  All fixed like new.DSC_0001

Butch had to replace something or another on his engine.  Fuel injection electrical do dads.DSC_0003

I guess you can say he really gets into his work.DSC_0004


So what do these three pictures have in common?DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011

Several answers…..RVs, picnic tables, grass, sky, and grills.

Here’s our orange mobile ready to travel with it’s windshield cover attached. DSC_0008

Here’s how we hold it place before we shut the doors.DSC_0006

Ed & Sandy are working out the details on getting theirs set up.DSC_0005

Loosey Goosey members are putting little orange ribbons on their RVs and trucks/cars so we can identify each other later on.DSC_0007

So, Carol & I are ready to move out early tomorrow.  We will be heading for a truck stop to top off our diesel tanks, Jeep is done.  Then the border and on to Cummins Lethbridge, Alberta.  Hopefully they can adjust our DEF usage to be normal.  Then on to Bridgeview RV Park in Lethbridge to meet back with the  Loosey Goosey members.

Since we will not have WiFi regularly in Canada this blog will be late at times.  I will make daily blogs but won’t be able to post them until we get WiFi.  So, when there is a new blog there will be several of them usually.

See ya……