Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worked The Phone

I called Winnebago Factory in Forest City, Iowa.  I made an appointment with their service department for mid April.  No problem picking a date.  I guess people don’t like the 50’s and 30’s (night) to get their rig worked on.  The Baby got 5 things to repair or check and nothing major but above my level to repair.  They said they would reserve three days to work on it.  It must really be slow in April to reserve three days.  I was going to wait until our return trip from Alaska (Sept) but figure do this on the way up and then might need another appointment coming back.  After Alaska  we will get a full Freightliner/Cummins check out/oil/filters at Baltimore Freightliner.  Carol’s bro is a diesel mechanic there and we get a discount along with superb workmanship.

I called Freightliner Houston and ordered a power steering reservoir gasket.  Ours is still leaking and I will install the $13 part instead of going thru their shop and warranty.  Hey, how hard can it be?  It will arrive next week and we will go get it in Carol’s car the Mariner. 

I also called Westport Lincoln in Houston where we bought the Mercury Mariner in 2010.  It’s going in for it’s free oil/filter maintenance thing the same day the RV’s gasket is suppose to be ready for pick up.  Let’s see if it all comes together.

I ordered a K & N air filter (38-2009R  $268) for the Baby.  It was about $90 more than an original factory air filter.  Last time in Alaska (2011) I had to replace my air filter with only about 4K miles on the filter.  That was the only time I had to replace an air filter out of 4 times up there.  Since this is our last RV (again) it should be a good investment.

Then I called it a day.  Pun intended….

See ya……..