Thursday, February 6, 2014


I needed to fix my previous attempt to install my Progressive Industries do hickey.  I broke a screw head when I tried do it by myself weeks ago.  So I called on the “guys” to help me out.  Ed Kruty and Denny Orr to the rescue….kinda.  Denny fixed the broken screw.  I guess you can say he’s a good screwer.  Since the device was located up high in the compartment I guess you can say he screwed it up.  Ed, he’s a watcher.  Denny continued to screw it finishing one box.  Then he was all tucker out screwing. So it became my turn to to hook up the second device.  I was told by all what to do.  My Tom Sawyer approach was not working anymore. 

Here’s the device after I screwed the cable wires into the device.  Do you see any thing wrong?DSC_0025


Don’t see what’s wrong? What if I said the cable is under the chair arm.  Ed started laughing.  I think I saw a tear or two.  I wired the cable thru the chair.DSC_0026

I thought I was Mr Fixit until then.  I had to undo these hard to handle cable wires and rewire it.  Ed started laughing again.  I could have put the other end of the 50 amp cable thru the arm chair without undoing it.  Ed really liked the entertainment.  Carol was doing a Tom Sawyer on Denny.  He was trimming a much needed tree.

We started a 200 watt Honda generator and everything worked.  The device installed protects the coach from bad incoming electric.  If the device senses bad electric shuts down and tells you via a digital gauge what is wrong.  I’ve had it in all of our rigs since 2008.  It has saved us several times at least. 

A couple of hours later I went in the coach and noticed the Honda generator wasn’t doing anything in the coach.  The installed device had detected a no fault ground problem and stopped the incoming electricity from the Honda.  Well, I called Denny who said it was basically new technology meeting old.  So I started the Baby’s generator and in one hour the 8 AGM batteries were fully charged.  The device did it’s job.  Fixing the ground fault problem between the Honda generator and the coach will be another day way down the road.

Later that day Carol & I loaded the tree and cactus trimmings and took it to the dump.  It took two runs to get all the crap off the lot.

We watched TV and went to bed about 10:30 PM and left the inverter on.  In the morning we were at 12.4 volts which is fine. The big generator really put a real good charge on the batteries.

Friday we have a lot of little things to take care of.  If the sun don’t come out we will move down to Denny’s to charge/check the batteries charging system.  Since we haven’t hooked up to normal electricity since installing “the device” we figured we better now.

See ya………….