Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now

Monday we will take my Mom to Woodville to see an assisted living home.  Carol & I went there last week.  We liked the staff and the facilities.  We were invited back for their lunch.  Hey, a free meal.

We got to finally meet the owner of the Gardens assisted home where she’s at now.  Carol & I just don’t like the guy nor his facilities.  He’s a money hungry person and shows no care nor respect for his tenants.  Mom picked this place in Dec and has hated it ever since.  The new place, The Orchards, we found and we like.  Now we will see if it meets Mom’s approval.  We are sure she will like it.  The we will try to get her moved by the 1st.  That will be interesting with her bed and electric cart.

I ordered my CB “stuff” for the rig.  It’s four separate items and some of it’s on a slow boat from China.  It’s a cheap radio with a real good tunable antennae plus all the mounting items & cable.  I use to be really into CBs big time many years ago so mounting it and tuning it won’t be a problem.  I need a SWR meter though.  You will be able to “hear me now” when I “get ur done.”

The “Baby” needs a little more prep for Alaska.  I need to raise the mud flap as high as it will go which is basically another inch or so.  This is so IT don’t kick up debris/stones from the road.  Then I have to wash and wax the Baby.  Yes I know I had it waxed down in Yuma a couple of weeks ago.  I will try to get to it within the next month.  I got to grease all the compartment door locks too.  I finally got my tires aired up to where I want them.  A 100 lbs across the rear tires and 110 in the front when it’s 65 degrees out.  I basically raised them 5 lbs each since the weather is colder now and will be the rest of the year basically with going to Alaska and all. 

The Jeep needs a wash and wax too.  I got a Yoga mat (Walmart $9) for the windshield.  I need to cut it down and see how it works being towed down the road.

Se ya….