Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Called Blue Ox about installing a TruCenter steering device and cost at their factory.  They wanted me to pay full suggested retail and 2 hours labor.  Well,  suggested retail I don’t pay on an item like this nor pay 2 hours labor that would take them less than an hour.  I like the Trucenter but not in love with it that much.  If I get it it will be somewhere else and cheaper by far plus I will install.  IF I get it.

I had to cancel our reservations for what was going to be our stay out west and then head north.  Thousand Trails (2) was no problem and no cost.  Just push a few buttons on the computer.   AOR I had to call and actually speak to a person.  No problem.

I then adjusted the Roadmaster toad screen.  It needed an adjustment.  It had to much slack in it.  It’s that big hunk of metal that I moved back.  No problem.  DSC_0003

I got some lighter magnets to hold on this fire retardant material.  It’s purpose is to protect the screen from the exhaust pipe.DSC_0004

I finally got around to cleaning the bugs off the front of our Baby.  I did call Road Runner RV Wash (928 446-6894) and spoke to Juan.  They will come out Friday morning to wash and hand wax the Baby for $120.  Because we are further away from Yuma they are charging $120 vice $100 plus the Jeep wash is free.  I’m OK with that.  I am surprised they didn’t do that in years past.  We've used a few other wash companies but always come back to Road Runner.

I got a bill from my Mom’s assisted living and they added $407 worth of damages they said that she caused.  They were small marks or digs on the wall.  Mom said that she didn’t cause them all.  I told them, No thank you.  I’m only authorized to pay for her direct medical bills.  They should take it out of her overcharge for her room which is $3,279.50 a month.  Yepper………..

For lunch I had Denny Orr’s favorite.  Spam, DSC_0001burnt Spam.  Not quite there yet.DSC_0010

Late afternoon we went to the bank.  They didn’t have any extra money anymore.  The president and the executives of the bank took it all as a bonus for charging people for asking about anything. 

I put some tape and loom around these awning wires that were just hanging out there.DSC_0009

Dinner Time at Lin’s Chinese Buffet.  This seems to be the place to eat anymore.  It’s relatively new (2yrs?) and it has caught on something big.  This will be our first time.  We met Leanne and Gary Boone there.  The cost was $23 (2 mouths) with tax and it was outstanding.  They are among the best Chinese buffets we’ve been in.  It was very well worth it.

We waddled out and said our goodbyes to Leanne and Gary.  Great couple and fun to be around.

Happy Happy HappyDSC_0005 

See ya……………..