Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This & That

OK…Boot Camp is over.  We are finished volunteering helping out with Boot Camp for now.  We are finished volunteering with Smart Weigh this trip around.  We got taken out to dinner for each event.  The last was last night when George from Smart Weigh took us to the Hog Trough here in Wickenburg.  Damn they make some good smoke ribs St Louis style.

We are still boone docking on our lot.  Yesterday we did a dump and filled up with water ($5) at the Escapees campground here at North Ranch.  Then we got weighed.  The Baby is underweight by about 1,000 lbs on the front axle and 400 lbs under the rear.  I still got some shifting around to do but everything is basically OK.

Mark & I, Denny & Walt went out riding in our two side by side RZRs for several hours yesterday.  I let Mark drive and he appeared to have really enjoyed the ride.  I think we are going again tomorrow at 9 AM.  Maybe Ed will go out with us.

My Mom is doing OK at her new assisted living quarters.  Everyday it’s different.  I’ve been going around and around with Medicaid and her copay.  I talked to about 6 different supervisors at various levels and told them that they figured her copay wrong.  I finally got someone to manually to do it and what do you know.  There was a $100 mistake in favor of my Mom.  I kept telling them it just didn’t pass the common sense test and I didn’t really didn’t care what the computer said.  Now I’m trying to get her facility to understand the common sense test in her monthly payment.  We will see.  This government crap is burning me out daily for weeks on end.  We might have to actually go back to Texas to square all this stuff out and get my Mom all situated.  We really don’t want to have to do that money wise.  Enough moaning and groaning.

The temps are great with only a couple of nights in the 30s.  We’ve adjusted our schedule and are heading south to Yuma this weekend.  Why?  Warmer weather! Plus the $125 wash and hand wax for the Baby.

See ya……………..