Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here’s About 5 Hours Of Fun

We went over to Charles & Chris lot for dinner.  Nick & Terry were staying on their lot so we didn’t have any choice but to invite them over for some Texas pulled pork too.   Just kidding….. We went over about 4 PM with a few pounds of smoked pork.  We all had no trouble with that or the other goodies.

We all told stories and even Charles told a story about a 5 lb can of beans falling on his head.  We now all call him Beaner. 

Here we go……DSC_0001

Charles ate his food like a gentleman.  That’s where it ended.DSC_0002

DSC_0003 DSC_0004


I have no idea what he was getting ready to do.DSC_0005 


Here’s Chris looking at the marshmallow like it’s a dream come true. DSC_0014 DSC_0015

Not a real neat eater at the moment.DSC_0013

What can I say.DSC_0019


Carol got in the act too.DSC_0020

The dog is the only one that paid me any attention.DSC_0010

Nick didn’t want the dog to get any bad eating habits by watching us.DSC_0011

“Do I have a story for you!”DSC_0007

“I’ve heard them all and enjoy them again and again.”DSC_0008

I went to tell a story and everybody left!DSC_0025

Charles provided us with a “Fire In A Can”.DSC_0026

Then Chris and Nick started to dance and we figured it was time to leave.  Carol was laughing so hard so couldn’t hold the camera still.DSC_0028

And that’s the story of how we do it sometimes…….

Nick’s side of the story is on his blog.  Click it….

Happy Happy Happy

See ya…..