Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who’s On First

Here’s a first for us.  I called DirecTV about turning on our East coast network channels.  We already submitted our paperwork which they received 27 January.   Less than 10 minutes later our network channels were on.  Great.  $15 more a month and we got them.  Those of you that already have network channels both the East & West coast, great.  They’re no longer available so enjoy.

Here’s another first for us.  We’ve never needed to get a flat fixed on a motorhome.  It’s a slow leak of about 2 PSI a day.  I haven’t checked the valve yet to see if that’s it.  I did change the pressure pro sensor.  We will be heading for Yuma this Saturday.  Anybody who can recommend what to do or where to go would be appreciated.

Here’s another first.  I turned down an offer to go out ATVing today.  So did Mark & Walt.  Denny Orr went out and did about a 100 miles with two other friends and saw new sights.  Oh well……

Here’s another first.  We had those great ribs left over from last night and we were getting ready to heat them up when Denny & Susie came over.  Instead of ribs we went to Carl’s Jr for dinner.  The ribs can wait but friends can’t.  We enjoyed relaxing with Denny & Susie.  Thanks guys.

Here’s NOT another first.  Our short term schedule that is in jello and in the frig just about set up is out of the frig and is melting quickly.

See ya…….