Monday, February 10, 2014

Foreign Country

We walked into Algodones, Mexico by 8:30 AM.  At the dentist office we waited about 10 minutes for Carol to be seen without an appointment.  Her two crowns that she got in December needed a little grinding down.  No problem, no cost.  She’s Happy Happy Happy.  Then we went to one of 5 million eyeglass places.  Half hour later we walked out and Carol got an eye exam and ordered a pair of progressive shading bifocals for $89.  We will return Thursday when I see the dental people for gluing a crown/post back in my mouth for $20.  We will pick up Carol’s glasses then also.

We back to the rig and worked on our schedule for going back to schedule (me).  Otherwise we vegatated the rest of the day away.

See ya………