Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gizzards, Livers & Smoked Pulled Pork

Here we are staying near Sharon & Don.  Nice lot and it’s for sale.  Not sure of the price.  The one next to it is $65K.DSC_0001-003

Now that it’s warmer the bugs are out and I had to get them off the front of the Baby before the the sun hits the front.  Then I shined the wheels…oh yea…DSC_0002-003

Here’s Sharon & Don’s place…DSC_0004-003


Gizzards and Liver…  We found them at the Chester’s Chicken just down the road at the truck stop.  Don and I couldn’t resist.  He had the livers and I had the gizzards…..ahhh it’s a man’s world for a moment.

We saw this rig as we came in and Sharon sent me a picture.  It’s more purple in person rather than this pic.IMG_20140216_102346_323-002

We took some smoked pulled pork to Sharon & Don’s for dinner.  Don was sad because he thought it was only a little bit - -wrong.  We left them the leftovers.DSC_0001-004 DSC_0003-003

We visited with them after diner for a couple of hours.  How nice it was as always.  Thanks guys for the memories.

We’re not sure where we will stay tomorrow night (Monday).  Somewhere between El Paso and Eldorado more than likely.  Good weather, pretty nice roads, just drive tell we want to stop.  Hell, we might not stop tell we see the Atlantic ocean.  Nope…the weather isn’t too great over there right now.

Change one already…  We are heading directly East from El Paso towards Carlsbad probably.  At Midland, TX we stay direct East and not on the interstate.  More back roads.  We head for Waco then Livingston, all back roads.  Same mileage as our “normal” route.  We will see! 

See ya…..