Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday 5 August

Carol & I went to Jon Glick’s Memorial at the CARE center.  Shawn Loring was the narrator of Jon’s life story.  It was a very well put together ceremony.

Afterwards we continued to get ready for camping.  As recent full timers of over 18 years we never had to pack the RV because we had all of our “stuff” already in it.  Well, now has campers we had to “get ready” and fill the 24’ class C RV with “stuff” to go camping.  That was something new.  We figured if we forgot anything we would just buy it on the road.

The cat was ready….DSC_0001

The Jeep was ready….DSC_0002

The big RV said it was about time it sat for awhile.DSC_0003

The ducks wanted to go but they will stay behind this time.DSC_0004

The Mariner is in the shed again waiting for our return.  No rush!DSC_0005

Retirement is coming and going at ease sometimes.