Saturday, August 11, 2018

Day 6

How did your day start?DSC_0001

Here we are 50 miles south of our campsite and it’s 8 AM and we’re  inside here.  Nope, it’s not ME this time!  It’s Carol.  She needed some meds NOW so we went.  She got seen, we got meds and drove back.DSC_0005DSC_0008DSC_0010DSC_0015DSC_0019

Then Mark, Kraig and I decided to drive further into the forest.  The road, 10 miles back country, got a little rough in spots but the Jeep had no problems.DSC_0023DSC_0025DSC_0026DSC_0027DSC_0031DSC_0035DSC_0038DSC_0041DSC_0044DSC_0052

Retirement is going where ever with no time in mind.