Friday, August 3, 2018


After leaving VADSC_0009

with our now 40 year old son (3 Aug) Kraig,DSC_0058

we arrived in Livingston, Tx around 1 July.DSC_0051 


His medical condition appears to be normal on the outside but its all internal.  We came off the road to take care of him.  We have enough meds until Oct.  Doctors can not do anything more for him except to medicate.  We have been told he would need care probably up to the New Year. 

He has decided that he wanted to go on his Last RV Trip with us traveling around, zigging and zagging.  Whatever he wants to see or do!DSC_0074  We all will be leaving Monday 6 Aug heading Northwest in our 24’ class C towing the Jeep.   Wish us luck! 

We will be stopping at some old places that we have visited with him in the past plus all the little tourist stops in between.

We will end up in Las Vegas, NV so he can spend some time with his sister.  Then afterwards return to zigging and zagging for our trip back to Livingston.

Send us emails to help Kraig and us enjoying his Last RV Trip.

Retirement gives us all time to enjoy family and friends no matter the actual time involved.

See ya if we see you.